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Monin Syrup - Strawberry Flavored, 250 ml

flavouring Concentrated Strawberry

Item # jc2

Tang Instant Drink Mix - Orange 100gm

refreshing Orange flavoured instant drink 

Item # jc1

Real Fruit Power Juice - Guava

Pink guava juice

Item # j6

Real Juice - Fruit Power, Litchi

Litchi Juice

Item # j4

Real Juice - Fruit Power, Cranberry

Real Cranberry Fruit Power

Item # j3

Real Juice - Fruit Power, Mango

Real Juice - Fruit Power, Mango/Aam

Item # j1

Pear - Green, Imported - 4 Pcs

Imported Pear Green

Item # f3

Red Apple - 4 Pcs

Fresh Red Apple

Item # f1

Vedic Organic Pure Milk - 1L

Vedic milk is Natural & Fresh A2 milk from Gir Cows.

Item # mil5

AMUL TAAZA MILK (TetraPack) - 1L X 6 units

Amul Taaza Toned Milk (Tetra Pak) -Pack of 6

Item # mil4

AMUL GOLD MILK (TetraPack) - 1L

Amul Gold Milk 1 L

Item # mil2