Gir Cow's A2 Raw Milk

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A2 is a protein that is high in nutrients and other beneficial things then A1 Milk. Milk is a rich source of nutrients. Gir cow gives A2 milk which is very easy to digest rather than A1 milk which we are normally drinking every day.

  • A2 milk is comparable to the human mother’s milk which has colostrum.

  • A2 milk is free from BCM-7 which has been linked to Type 1 Diabetes, Heart disease, autoimmune disease and many more and BCM-7 is found in A1 milk.

  • A2 milk has healthy fat which supports our cell structure. Everything is more with A2 Milk, high Protein, high Vitamin D, high Vitamin A, High Calcium.

  • It comes in Glass bottle which will also help reduce plastic waste on the earth.

  • A2 milk is high in Vitamin A, B2, B3, B6, B12, D, E, and K.

  • It has minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Zinc.

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A2 Milk A1 Milk
A2 milk is comparable to the human mother’smilk because it has colostrum. A1 milk is not comparable to the humanmother’s milk because it doesn’t havecolostrum.
It doesn’t contain BCM-7 which can causeType 1 Diabetes, Heart disease, autoimmunedisease, etc. It does contain BCM-7.
A2 milk is free from any unhealthy effects. A1 milk consumption has adverse health effects.
It is easy to digest. It is difficult to digest.
All the cows are respected and treated well. Cows are not treated well and forced is usedto get their desired results.
It is healthy and nutritious and contains manyminerals. It is not healthy and can cause harmfuldiseases.